"The Crib" is a traditional restaurant tavern at Kokinaria Spetses. The tavern belongs to Constantine and Niki Thimara more than 15 years offering its guests unforgettable experiences. The tavern is open only evenings they offer exquisite delicacies and the wine.

Our tavern has traditional Greek cuisine with very pure and high quality ingredients. Vegetables and salads are all our own organically grown without pesticides and other chemicals, but only natural care. Olive oil is also our production to offer you always the best. While our wine is made from three different varieties and aged in our oak barrels in the shop. Our dishes are all made with love and our meats cooked on the grill. Finally to finish this journey of flavors try the traditional sweets of Mrs. Niki made with the finest fresh ingredients.


In our tavern you are sure to find good food, plenty of wine of excellent quality and very friendly and warm atmosphere. In our restaurant we are always welcoming which is why we have many regular customers. The feast is very easy to start in our shop where wine flows in abundance and the music always plays.
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"The Crib"
Constantine and Niki Thimara
Kokkinaria Spetses
tel. 2298075299 mob. 6972025091