"The Crib" is a traditional restaurant tavern at Kokinaria Spetses. The tavern belongs to Constantine and Niki Thimara more than 15 years offering its guests unforgettable experiences. The tavern is open only evenings they offer exquisite delicacies and the wine.

Greece is known for producing quality olive oil everywhere in the world. Everywhere in Greece meets old mills, oil presses and warehouses dating from antiquity. This is because the oil had many uses in antiquity as today, for lighting, for perfumery, as a preservative, for facial treatment etc.



For the production of olive oil from olives harvested trees and separated to be transferred as quickly as possible to the mill. At the mill the fruit is weighed, separated and washed. Then the fruit enters the line to crash into crushers. Followed by kneading the olive paste with stirring for half an hour.

After kneading, by means of powerful hydraulic presses, the liquid olive extracted. In a special implementation device the separation of the liquid from the solids of the olive and then purification of the oil by the other aqueous components.

Of all the olive oil production process residues used in various uses. We produce our own olive oil to be always sure of the quality of the product we offer. Olive oil is a very important part of the Greek and generally of the Mediterranean diet. Ours is organic and has all the good elements that the human body needs, with excellent flavor and acidity.

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