"The Crib" is a traditional restaurant tavern at Kokinaria Spetses. The tavern belongs to Constantine and Niki Thimara more than 15 years offering its guests unforgettable experiences. The tavern is open only evenings they offer exquisite delicacies and the wine.

Our ingredients are making a difference in all our menus and diet. We do a lot of work to always have the best ingredients. Many of these ingredients are produced by ourselves to achieve for you the best quality.

We serve you our own production wine with enthusiasm. Our wine is made with love of three different varieties and ages in oak barrels which decorate our shop.



Our oil is our production also of high quality olives and methods that make it special. Besides all this in our shop you will see our vegetable garden where we grow salads. The salads we serve is organically grown, personally take care not to use chemicals and drugs we only use natural methods to protect our plants.


To try our excellent dishes contact us or visit us …