"The Crib" is a traditional restaurant tavern at Kokinaria Spetses. The tavern belongs to Constantine and Niki Thimara more than 15 years offering its guests unforgettable experiences. The tavern is open only evenings they offer exquisite delicacies and the wine.

The history of wine starts from ancient times and it comes up till today. There is a magic around this liquid used for millennia for ceremonies, for a symbol of prosperity for all celebrations. A drink was made first supposed by mistake to jars which were sealed with grapes and then the way is made for traditional wine.

Our wine is made from three different grape varieties are harvested and separated carefully. Then washed and go to tenants machine that crushes them. Previously the wine was made literally by pressing the grapes with bare feet in huge containers today this process is done mechanically. Then carefully removed residual stems and the solids from the liquids separated. Allow the wine to ferment a bit and then loaded into barrels for aging. The wine aging is very important, it is this that gives the good the bad taste and its final value. Our oak barrels are very good for the proper storage and aging of wine. Also here we don’t  use preservatives or other chemicals, but we have a wine quality and good for you.


Our wine is very popular for its rich flavor. It can be enjoyed hot or cold, with honey or herbs and is nice and fruits. It can be used as a tonic for the sick but enhances the taste in most Mediterranean meals.