"The Crib" is a traditional restaurant tavern at Kokinaria Spetses. The tavern belongs to Constantine and Niki Thimara more than 15 years offering its guests unforgettable experiences. The tavern is open only evenings they offer exquisite delicacies and the wine.



The production and consumption of organically cultivated vegetables is increasing worldwide. This is why we have begun to recognize that organic farming protects our environment and our body from substances that burden.

Organic farming is the crop completely avoids the use of artificial and chemical fertilizers and pesticides, hormones. Organic farming is based on a more balanced management of the environment by resting and proper management for weed control. Cultivating such saves our body from substances that can be charged to up to cause very serious diseases.



Vegetables and salads are all organically grown, without the use of medication and chemical origin fertilizers. In our garden we make sure they are all clean and tidy in order to have the best qualities. We grow our vegetables with love for what they offer.